One of our clients needed a complete and thorough assessment of their Data Center. The findings and recommendations of this audit & consulting project would:


    • Guide development of a 3 – 5 year ICT strategic plan that would enable the Data Center to run mission critical applications whose traffic would be thousands of transactions per day.


    •     Raise the tier level of the Data Center and ensure its compliance to International Standards

    Light House Solutions completed a thorough audit and provided recommendations in the following areas:


    •     Physical Infrastructure
    •     Hardware
    •     Power & Cooling
    •     Security
    •     Fire & Flood Prevention
    •     Benchmarks to International Standards
    •     Backup/Disaster Recovery/Business  Continuity
    •     Maintenance
    •     Documentation
    •     Personnel Competencies/Capacity Building
    •     Internet Availability and Redundancy
    •     Operational Procedures & Guidelines
    •     Software

    After we completed the Data Center audit and consulting project, our client;


    • Was now aware of the elements that would comprise its 3 – 5 year ICT Strategic Plan
    • Was ready to raise the tier level of the Data Center in line with the requirements of the mission critical applications it would be hosting (implement Data Center expansion).


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