Light House Solutions has considerable experience in Data Center audits. These audits provide a detailed status report of the entire Data Center and are benchmarked to international Data Center standards.


    Our audit services include but are not limited to:


    •     Data Center Physical Structure
    •     Data Center Energy Efficiency Assessment
    •     Data Center Power & Cooling Assessment
    •     Data Center Security Assessment
    •     Data Center Hardware & Software Assessment

    Light House Solutions is a leading provider of Data Center Cleaning and Decontamination services. We help our clients ensure that their Data Centers are free of the dirt and dust contamination that can account for as much as 40% of the failure of sensitive equipment. The specialized cleaning techniques that we use minimize the threat that dirt and dust accumulation pose to uptime for critical ICT operations.


    The equipment, supplies, and cleaning techniques that we employ are designed to ensure the safety of your Data Center and that we clean it to the recommended international standards.


    Light House Solutions has extensive experience in the professional cleaning of the following mission-critical environments:


    •     Data Centers
    •     Server Rooms
    •     UPS Rooms
    •     MDF/Telecom Rooms
    •     Computer Rooms
    •     Call Centers


    5 Reasons why you should have your Data Center professionally cleaned by Light House Solutions:


    •     Contamination in Data Centers leads to Hardware Failure and Downtime
    •     Contamination is a recognized cause of Data Center Hardware Failure and Downtime worldwide
    •     Contamination control is becoming more necessary (blade servers popular/equipment upgrades)
    •     Contamination control can be done (by the right staff with the right equipment/cleaning processes)
    •     Contamination control is our business (extensive experience in Kenyan Data Center installations)




    Light House Solutions has considerable experience providing recommendations to various clients based on their own unique situation and requirements.


    The Data Center audits often provide a basis on which to provide advisory services for our clients’ that are benchmarked to international Data Center standards.


    Our other consulting services include:


    •     Data Center Design
    •     Data Center Testing & Commissioning
    •     Data Center Risk Assessment




    Light House Solutions can deliver a converged infrastructure solution for our clients’ Data Center. These solutions are recommended because:


        They provide enhanced security and control

        They are more agile and scalable

        hey provide faster delivery of ICT services to users


    Our Data Center converged infrastructure solution is made up of the following components:


    •     Modular core switches (Network)
    •     Blade servers (Server)
    •     VMware/Hypervisor (Virtualization Software)
    •     Storage Area Networks (Data Storage)


    Our Data Center converged infrastructure services include:


    •     Data Center converged infrastructure installation
    •     Data Center converged infrastructure training
    •     Data Center converged infrastructure support




    Light House Solutions helps our clients align their Data Center and ICT operations with their strategic initiatives by helping them develop a customized approach to personnel management, personnel training, operational guidelines & procedures, quality management, and development/acquisition of support systems.


    Our Data Center operations alignment services include:


    •     Data Center Staff Skills Assessment
    •     Data Center Staff Development Programs
    •     Data Center Critical Systems Training
    •     Data Center Documentation
    •     Data Center Incident/Change/Crisis Management Plans & Training
    •     Data Center Quality Assurance/Control/Improvement Plans & Training
    •     Data Center Maintenance/Document/Asset/Monitoring Management Systems Integration




    The audit and consulting projects provide the basis for Light House Solutions to design a Data Center strategy that our clients can use to manage implementation of their Data Center design, build, & operate initiatives. Light House Solutions also manages Data Center strategy implementation initiatives for its clients.


    The objective of our Data Center transformation services is to help our clients align their Data Center assets with their strategic initiatives.


    Our Data Center transformation services include:


    •     Data Center Strategic Assessment
    •     Data Center Project Management
    •     Data Center Change Management




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